IAMNDN Native Drug-Free Nations Inspired by Youth Empowered by Culture


IAMNDN is dedicated to empowering Native Youth to become outstanding sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, students, employees, community members and future leaders. IAMNDN isn’t just another program. IAMNDN is a movement whose ultimate goal is to bridge the generational communication gap between adults, young adults and teenagers, to inspire and initiate dialogue between younger tribal members and current tribal leaders.

IAMNDN is committed to promoting a higher level of self-esteem by featuring extraordinary local youth in television commercials and print media such as billboards and posters. Educational materials will also be distributed through the use of social media outlets. IAMNDN is going to challenge the stereotypes of old. Historically to be Native was synonymous with alcoholic, drug addict, loser, stupid, ignorant and unemployed. Today’s youth are fancy dancers, tribal princesses, straight A students, quarterbacks, point-guards, and college graduates.

Moreover, IAMNDN understands how important creativity is to Native people. Today’s Native youth display a multitude of talents and artistic skills. As a result, IAMNDN has teamed up with local youth to utilize their illustrations and creative input on upcoming IAMNDN products. Also, IAMNDN has partnered with Native American graphic artists, to incorporate traditional designs, colors, and illustrations that will provide Native youth with a variety of products from school supplies to stylish pieces of clothing complete with a message. I AM HERE!!! I AM PROUD!!! And IAMNDN!!!

The future of Native people undeniably rests with the youth. Therefore, the definitive purpose of IAMNDN is to positively impact the negative effects associated with underage drinking and prescription drug abuse that often plagues each and every Native community. One cannot accomplish greatness when one is shackled to addiction.

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